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First 5 Oral Health Initiative

Grant term | July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

Children and Families First Commission – passed through Health Quality Partners of Southern California.  Provide oral health screenings, dental exams, treatment services, and health education counseling to children ages 0-5 years old and pregnant women with the goal of increasing the number of children from infancy to age 5 in San Diego County who are free from oral health disease.


The IHC Dental Department performs in-house dental services, screenings and education at our Medical Department during well-child and OB clinics, as well as outreach activities at local pre-schools.  

Success Story:

Recently we had a three-year-old child present for their first dental visit.  The initial exam noted severe dental decay.  Only 2 PA radiographs were taken as the patient could not tolerate BW radiographs. The child’s diet consists of sweet drinks and crackers throughout the day and a lack of tooth brushing.  The child indicated that their teeth were hurting and based on the extent of the decay and the child’s age, IV sedation was recommended to complete the dental treatment plan.  The patient’s treatment plan was completed and the child returned 2 weeks later for a post-op visit.  The child was in good spirits and the Mother indicated that the child was pain-free and eats much better now.  The child is now on a 6-month recall. 

Meet The Team

Dr. Marian Manson

Pediatric Dentist

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Liz Doyle

Grant Coordinator

I coordinate all events and enter data for the First 5 Grant

Klaudette Fitzpatrick


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