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We are a dynamic team of innovative professionals striving to "Empower Native Wellness" by offering a wide range of outreach, educational, and prevention services with an emphasis on culturally supported and evidence  based practices. Services include targeted outreach, engagement, and intergenerational events which create a vision of wellness based on community empowerment and participation.

Prevention & Early Intervention Program (PEI)

  • Group & Community Events / Gatherings

  • Cultural and Intergenerational Activities

  • One-on-One Meetings

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • Trauma related Stress and Prevention Talks

  • Elder/Youth Connection

  • Education about mental health issues

  • Positive Indian Parenting Classes

  • Community Presentations

  • Support Groups

Indian Health Council's
What About Life Podcast

Injury Prevention Program

  • Child Car Seat Program

  • ATV Helmet Program

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