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Peace Between Partners Program

  • California Office of Emergency Services, Native American Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault  (DV/SA) Program

    • Period:  10/1/18-9/30/19

  • Office of Violence Against Women, Culturally Specific Services for Victims

    • Period:  10/1/17-9/30/19

  • Indian Health Service, Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative

    • Period:  9/30/15-9/29/20​

  • Blue Shield Against Violence Initiative, Core Support

    • Period:  8/1/17-12/31/18

The Peace Between Partners Program (PBP) is a culturally specific community program which addresses domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking through the provision of a variety of services including:

  • Crisis Intervention and individual therapy if requested to the survivors/victims and their children.  Development of safety plans.

  • Accompaniment and advocacy services:  To court, with transportation provided to assist with obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders and Permanent Orders of Protection.

  • Culturally relevant approaches to healing and a Women's Empowerment Group with traditional arts and crafts activities and expressive art sessions and a Talking Circle where women share their experiences, wisdom and healing with each other in a supportive group environment.  The group consists of adult victims, non-offending and adult family and household members of victims, and those collaterally affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. 

  • Service coordination and the provision of emergency food, clothing and placement in short term shelter as needed.  Referrals for housing, TANF, Medicaid, Covered California, and long term shelter.

  • Outreach activities to tribal communities and trainings to service providers which increase awareness and provide information and resources and build capacity.

  • Provision of prevention education to Native youth on Healthy Teen relationships and dating violence.

  • Expansion of coordination and collaborative efforts with other service providers and cross referrals with victim survivor services.

  • Conduct Quarterly Multidisciplinary Team meetings with partner advocacy organizations to identify problems and trends, share resources and best practices, promote prevention education and training activities, and discuss areas of need in the Native community. 

  • Onsite monthly legal services clinic in collaboration with California Indian Legal Services. 


  • Native Women are 2 ½ times more likely to experience violent crimes than other races.

  • 1 in 3 Native Women will be raped in their lifetime.  


SUCCESS STORIES:  During Calendar Year 2017, we provided victim services to 87 Victims/Survivors and offered 23 trainings.




Tel. 760-749-1410

50100 Golsh Rd, 
Valley Center, CA 92082



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