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Indian Child Welfare

What is Tribal Family Services?


  • What is ICWA? 


Congress adopted ICWA, The Indian Child Welfare Act,  Public Law 95-608 U.S.C. Sections 1901-1963 on November 8, 1978.   The special relationship between Indian Tribes and the United States, shape by the Federal trust responsibility to Indian people, impelled ICWA legislation to move forward. Congress enacted this legislation to prevent the loss of  Indian Children from their families and their Tribes. 


  • Court Advocacy 


Tribal Family Services Offers Assistance to the families and Tribes during dependency court attendance, transportation, Indian expert testimony, case plan development, Tribal updates and collaboration with Child Welfare Services.

What is ICWA?

ICWA is a federal law that seeks to keep American Indian children with American Indian families. Congress passed ICWA in 1978 in response to the alarmingly high number of Indian children being removed from their homes by both public and private agencies. The intent of Congress under ICWA was to "protect the best interests of Indian children and to promote the stability and security of Indian tribes and families" (25 U.S.C. § 1902). ICWA sets federal requirements that apply to state child custody proceedings involving an Indian child who is a member of or eligible for membership in a federally recognized tribe.


For more information on the IHC program or for resource information please contact 760.749.1410 x 5321

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