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Relationship Medicine

In an era of de-personalized care, IHC's Medical Department offers a refreshing example of "relationship medicine." The importance of a one-on-one, holistic approach that revolves around each patient's health status, lifestyle, and cultural traditions cannot be overrated in helping clients achieve optimum health.

IHC's Medical Department combines clinical and community components within a client-friendly framework that can be comfortably accessed by each patient. One of only a few community clinics in the region to have earned prestigious national Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC) status, the facility's Medical Department leads an interdepartmental re-engineering team focused on reducing patient visit cycle time while increasing provider-patient quality time.

Physicians, nurses, and specialists work cohesively to provide comprehensive primary care. The clinic handles 15,000 patient visits a year at IHC's two facilities. It also reaches clients via its Mobile Medical Unit and through community outreach activities. In addition to extensive prevention, early detection, and treatment efforts, the department focuses on specific conditions impacting the Native American population.

On Site Services

Electronic Medical Record​

  • Real Time up to date Patient Services

  • Rapid and efficient method to preserve critical medical information

Primary child and adult services include

  • Acute illness

  • Injury treatment

  • Evaluation and long-term care of chronic diseases

  • Complete preventive care, including immunizations, disease screenings, pap smears, and family planning

Specialized clinics include

  • Podiatry

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Diabetes

  • Specialty Pediatrics

  • Acupuncture

  • Ophthalmology

  • Chiropractics

Solutions for Community Problems

The Medical Department provides many patient-oriented programs

  • Adult diabetes: Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, diabetes educators, pharmacists, and support staff team up to address each patient's individual needs.

  • Child asthma: Assessment, consultation, treatment, and evaluation are provided through an action plan developed specifically for each young patient.

  • Child wellness: In an aggressive effort to decrease the incidence of obesity and diabetes in tomorrow's reservation adults, a pediatrician, diabetes educator, and dietician work with children and their families to promote a healthful lifestyle.

  • Women's health: A full spectrum of women's health care and perinatal services is presented.

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