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New IHC Late / No-Show Policy

IHC is implementing a new Late / No-Show Policy effective May 30th, 2023.

A patient is considered late if the patient arrives 10 minutes after their appointment time. Patient will be notified that their arrival is late and will need to be rescheduled. The visit will be recorded as a no-show, and information will be given to the patient about future arrivals and consequences.

No less than 24 hours advance notice is required to change or cancel an appointment. If not provided the patient is recorded as a no-show.

After 3 no-shows in a department in a 3-month period, a patient will have all future appointments removed for that department and will not be rescheduled for a 3-month period. If the patient wants to be see during this period, they must arrive and wait to see if an opening becomes available. Once seen, they are removed from the no-show list.

For specialty services, other restrictions may apply. These services may include Obstetrics, Endodontics, IV Sedation, and Orthodontics, but is not exclusive. Please check with your department provider.


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