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Fitness Fun Day

Join us for a fun and energizing COMMUNITY exercise class hosted by IHC's Diabetes Management team: Misty, Julie, Lorelei, and Tony!


Every Tuesday from July 2 - August 6 at IHC Rincon Gym and

Every Wednesday from July 3 - August 7 at SY Oak Room

Get ready to sweat it out and improve your fitness levels with Tony as your guide!

Don't worry if you have mobility issues, Tony will make sure to accommodate everyone.

The entire DM team will be present at this event, so come and meet our amazing team members!

Remember to wear comfortable workout clothes and closed toe shoes for a safe and enjoyable experience.

For more details on the exercise content, feel free to reach out to Tony directly. He's the expert!

Tony Sheron

760-749-1410 ext 5263

Fitness Fun Day


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